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Lapel Pins 


Metal lapel pins and flower lapel pins are frequently used as symbols of achievement and belonging in different organizations.  In recent years, pin collecting has also become a popular hobby. 


Pin design starts off very similar to animation. Everything is literally hand-drawn with a blue line. It is done either digitally or on paper with a light-box to plan out all of the artwork that makes up the design. Once the design is approved, it is inked, colored, and placed on a mechanical sheet, which is like a blueprint for the pin, with appropriate measurements and call-outs for manufacturing the parts.

Collar Pins

 A collar pin is simply a small piece of men's clothing, that attaches to the ends of a tie and passes below the tie knot at the front of the neck. Functioning similarly to a tabbed tie, it lifts up the tie knot and holds the collar in place to give a more visually pleasing arc to your tie.
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