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Collar Stays

Many people want collar stays for shirts because they want the collar to stay in place. They also want the collar not to fall off while they are in an active state of dress. You will find a great selection of collar stay in most department stores. There are many different options available for your collar stay needs. These include point collar stays and adjustable collar stay for shirts.

Point collar stays are usually a single piece that fits around the neck. They are usually made from very strong material such as metal or plastic. But, if you want something that is lighter and more flexible, mother-of-pearl collar stays are more flexible than the sturdiest metal and most of these are made from mother-of-pearl. A point collar stay should fit comfortably around the neck with no gaps between it and the neck.

Adjustable collar stays are usually adjustable to fit the neck of your shirt. This is because sometimes you may not want the collar stay to be completely flat. You can make the adjustable collar stays a little bit larger or smaller by adjusting the screws on the top side of the stays. But most people prefer single screw adjustments for ease of use. These adjustable collar stays are easy to find and buy in most stores. You can even find some that you can customize yourself to your liking. If you decide to get custom made collar stays for shirts, make sure you order them in the correct size to fit you properly.

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