5 Easy Ways to Wear a Plaid Scarf Easily
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By Aron | 14 November 2020 | 0 Comments

5 Easy Ways to Wear a Plaid Scarf

How to Wear a Plaid Scarf with Your Outfit?

If you are someone who is considering buying a new scarf accessory then you may be wondering how to wear a plaid scarf. This article will give you a few tips on how to wear your plaid scarf, no matter which style it is. For example, if you want to wear your scarf in the same style that your mom used you can go and buy her one, but it is not necessarily a good idea to do this. The scarf you are wearing can make or break the style of your outfit, so it should be as close to the original style as possible.
It may be the time of year for many people to want to know how to wear a plaid scarf, especially if you are trying to make the most of this particular style of outfit. The good news is that plaid scarves can add a lot of personality and flair to any outfit, especially the classic plaid or checked plaid scarf.

how to wear a plaid scarf

One of the best things about wearing a plaid scarf is that it allows you to be creative with your color choices. The scarves can come in many different colors such as cream, charcoal, gold, black, green, navy blue, and even white. A plaid scarf will usually have some sort of pattern in the fabric and it is very easy to match up the scarf with any outfit. Of course, you can't always match the scarf to the same type of dress that you are wearing. You will need to look at the dress you are wearing to get a general idea of the design of your outfit. 


Plaid scarf with a white or off-white dress

If you are wearing a plaid scarf with a white or off-white dress, you can be quite daring and still look quite elegant and sophisticated. While you should try and balance the dress with your scarf, you can always go for a bolder print on the scarf and then take your choice of print and color from the white or off-white dress. You will still look stunning.

Plaid scarf with a black dress

If you are wearing a plaid scarf with a black dress, then you will want to choose a design that is much more muted. If you can, it is best to opt for a black and brown design rather than a black and white design. This will help to maintain the neutral tone of your black and brown dress and at the same time will add a sense of elegance to your outfit. This is one way of ensuring that you don't draw too much attention to the design of your dress and also ensuring that you look a little bit more feminine.

•Black dress in modern or casual style

If you are wearing a plaid scarf with a black dress that is designed in a more modern or casual style, you may want to avoid going for a bold color. Instead, choose a color that is slightly more subdued and at the same time offers a sense of subtlety and refinement.

•Black dress in a traditional style

If you are wearing a plaid scarf with a black dress that is designed in a traditional style, then you might want to try going for a more natural-looking color, such as a cream or brown design. This is because many designers have come up with the idea of using a neutral shade as the background and then bringing it out with a pattern that is printed onto the fabric. This technique has often proved very useful in creating an elegant effect in any type of style fabric.

Plaid scarf with a brown dress

Brown is a cool color in autumn and winter, suitable for any important occasion. The recommended matching scarf color is black, the same color.

One last thing to bear in mind when you are trying to decide how to wear a plaid scarf is the amount of length that you should wear. If you are wearing a plaid scarf with a long jacket, you will want to avoid choosing a scarf that is too long. If you are wearing a plaid scarf with a short jacket, you will probably want to go for a shorter length.


It might be tempting to try and wear a scarf that is longer than you need, but this might be counter-productive and end up looking too flamboyant. Also, always make sure that you choose a scarf that compliments your clothing. Whether it is a long or a short one, it should complement your skin tone and hair texture.

In conclusion, knowing the basics about how to wear a plaid scarf will enable you to make the right choices when you are shopping for one. Make sure that you choose a design that looks flattering on your body type and that you feel confident in it. Remember that there are many different designs to choose from and that you can even mix and match them to create a more elegant and formal look.

5 Ways to Wear a Plaid Scarf

1. Shawl Scarf

The shawl can be used to wrap around the neck of an evening dress and still provide coverage for any exposed areas of the body. This is especially useful for those women who do not want to expose their entire arms or legs when wearing an evening gown or skirt. They can wrap this shawl around the torso and cover the exposed areas with a bodice. It can be worn over the entire garment or it can be worn only on the front. Most people prefer a square or rectangle shawl to a circle. Some people also like the way that they make their own shawls with different colors and patterns. Today, the shawl has come into fashion again.

•Lay your scarf out flat 
•Wrap it around your shoulders
•Tie the tail ends together in the front, or at your back


2. Loop Scarf

Loof is one of the most basic and attractive ways of wearing a scarf is just wrapping it in a loop around your neck. There are more any other styles such as the knotted loop.

•Wrap the scarf around your neck to create a single loop, with the tail ends loosely draped in the front
•Pull-on the loop a bit to loosen it up and create a more casual appearance
•If you’re trying to beat the cold, you can wrap the scarf multiple times around your neck

3. Circle Scarf

If you have a triangle scarf, it's highly recommended to wrap your scarf this way.  Square scarf is also available, as long as you fold it in half lengthwise.

•Lay your scarf out flat on a table
•Fold it in half lengthwise
•Tie each set of corners together  to create a large loop
•Then wrap this around your neck with the ties along your nape



4. Knot Scarf

This way can make your scarf stay around your neck tightly, prevent it from being blown off in winter. Of course, you can wrap the scarf multiple times around your neck.

•Fold it in half length-wise and then drape this over your neck
•Pull the two tail ends through the loop you just created 
•adjust the fabric to flow well over your body

5. Bow Scarf

The way is as same as  "how to tie a necktie", which leads to a more bloated appearance because the scarf is wider than a necktie.

•Wrap your scarf around your neck so that one side is twice the length of the other
•Wrap the longer end around the shorter one a complete time to create a loop
•Then wrap it around the short end again and pull it through the neck hole from the center of the end
•Picking it up from the center should create a small, flat-ish loop that can be pulled and draped over the shorter (now longer) end of the scarf

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