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Design Necklace

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Design Your Own Necklace

What kind of necklace are you going to choose for your special occasion? To make this task a bit easier, we offer help for designing the perfect style for you. Here are 2 suggestions:


The first necklace is a long necklace. This is the most traditional and elegant looking type of neckline available today. The length of this necklace is usually from neck to ankle, although in some instances it may extend past the ankle. The length of the necklace can be adjusted with a simple adjustment of the front clasp which is the clasp that is placed over the chain to secure it in place.


The next option of the most popular necklaces for women is the round pendant necklace. The rounded pendant is also referred to as the square pendant. This necklace design is also known as the choker necklace and can be worn on any occasion. The most common materials used to make this necklace include silver, gold, and copper. These three metals are considered to be the best for making round pendants because they are extremely durable, they will not tarnish, and they will always retain their shine for many years to come.


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